The Beacons are back!

Helloooo, Burners! It’s true! The Bathroom Beacons are returning to Black Rock City in 2013– lighting your way to bladder utopia– brighter, blinkier, and more fun then ever! Here’s what’s in store:

First, we’re pleased and honored to announce our flagship from 2012, “Welcome to Fabulous,” was selected for an honorarium grant from the Burning Man organization this year. The grant will cover lighting upgrades– a new (functioning) marquee and safety lighting.

Second, everyone’s favorite Beacon, the Toilet Bowl, will also be returning, with improvements to the ball return and other lane tweaks, new safety lighting, and replacement of the white rope lights with individually-addressable RGB LED strips sure to surprise and entertain, if not improve your game.

And last, but not least, a NEW beacon for 2013: Twisted Bristles– a 15 foot tall toilet bowl brush. The brush head features over 1200 bristles made of 18″ acrylic rods, lit by LEDs dancing in a variety of blissful patterns. The prototype in the Starpony laboratory looks amazing– this may be everyone’s new favorite.

We’ll have more news coming your way soon on workdays, fundraising, and how to volunteer or join the playa crew!

Potty on!


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